Friday, August 21, 2009

Please Wait.......

Good morning Jackson Hole, I arrived on the last flight last night just before 10pm-and missed seeing the sight of all sights, the Grand Tetons, as they were shrouded in clouds and darkness -- arriving much later than expected due to two delays, one in Greensboro, and another in Atlanta. There were bad thunderstorms all about. I had to switch some flights around and finally got a flight to Jackson at 640pm Atlanta much for casting a fly yesterday. Waited in the baggage claim for an hour and no bags.....turned out they went to Denver and never got switched over the plane I was on. Oh well, I hope they get my clothes, stuff, and most importantly rods! Did meet a great guy from Jacksonville, FL on the plane, we talked flyfishing and a whole lot of stuff the entire time and I think I might have gotten a future trip. Also was very intrigued by the # of soldiers, there were several large groups of them en route to Afghanistan. As I saw them I thought of how they are the real heroes today and how the media will never portray them that way......I thanked one of them it was neat to see his reaction. I was thinking of how here they are headed to be in harm's way and I am headed to Wyoming....made me feel silly complaining about all the above. Looking forward to a great day today, mostly tracking my bags down- I had planned several things but they will have to wait until I make sure my bags are going to get here. Will meet the guys one by one as they arrive here with everyone being here and on the ground by tomorrow at noon- - - then the adventure begins!
I guess though through probably 40 fly throughs in Jackson Hole only one issue with luggage is a pretty good all those trips this is the only luggage issue I have had. That's pretty good given how many changes are taking place in a short period of time. But it still makes for some fidgeting waiting on the stuff to arrive so I can get on with the trip.