Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter Lies......

Not telling lies or fish stories, no, not talking about that. Fishing Lies......places you find fish...where fish live, eat, stay......where the big guys are.... Simply defined a fish lie is a place where a fish is and that also is a purpose tied to it....there are resting lies, feeding lies, holding lies, prime lies. Each offers fish something different.....a prime lie offers them everything in one spot. And in a typical stream its where you find the largest fish and typically the largest concentrations of fish. The photo on this post is showing a prime winter lie.....a deep green spot or trough bordered by huge rocks. The red arrow represents the direction of the current. The yellow lines are where the fish live in this particular run on Big Cedar Fork just north of Abingdon, VA. This is a typical winter lie for trout...not in a heavy riffle at the head of a pool, not in a swift run....not in a shallow tailout where you'd find them in summer. They are in deep water with a little current but not a lot...and where you find one trout you are almost certain to find more.

And remember......look for deep green spots with only a little current.......Good fishing....!


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Kev2380 said...

You're so right about green water. I thought that was just me that felt there was something to it. Glad to know there is logic behind it. You ever wonder too if it's easier for the trout to see food going by. Usually the bottom in those section is light colored gravel. I'm sure nymphs are easier to see.